Website Development

Effective website development is a mixture of creativity and functionality. Amazing Software Company does understand it very well that every website has to meet its purpose and talk to a specific target audience and deliver on a communication and functionality promise. So with the help of best in the industry tools and skill, Amazing Software Company comes out with websites that deliver on the client’s expectations and that of ours as well.
To make a website development a success for the business and for us, the key is responsiveness. To be able to respond quickly and knowledgably to your client and understand what the business needs and evolve your strategy and implementation around that. We pride ourselves of being a responsive web development services company in India and a digital marketing agency for all businesses.
Amazing Software Company pride themselves on their vision and expertise for developing extremely high quality web applications and web sites in general.
Web applications in today's world need to take into consideration many multi-disciplinary aspects, all of which are often conceptually proven through some form of prototype development.Our prototypes contain the following features:
Entirely clickable, offering complete insight into all user journeys which require fulfilling by the application.
Well structured, offering extremely useful insight into the candidate Information Architecture of the end solution to be developed. This is a high value-adding side-effect of our structured and consistent approach.
Flexewebs are also able to tweak the almost finished prototype easily for consistency purposes ensuring that components and objects shared across many pages are all the same in look and feel. This helps usability and accessibility testers properly work out the likely strengths and shortcomings of the future application.
Clean code solution, which is usually ready for shipping as the code quality is standards compliant and built to the highest standards and guidelines.

Return on Investment

What is a power of website and Application to run a business. Yes with us it will be that powerful returns.

Heart Winning Designs

Our creative and Heart winning designs belong to those who belive in beauty of their creative dreams.

Thorough Documenation

Our step by step process, a well organized methodology with planning and a thorough review of each phase.

Juicy & Eye Catching Colors

With our Juisy Colors Individual can pick-and-choose colours to make every new page a truly unique and attractive experience.

Lightweight Pages

Even though with lot of Graphics, Images and Code our lightweight pages will always load quickly.

Beautiful Code

Best Valid and Beautiful code that supports Latest Technologies and all Platform always Up to date.

Retina Ready

Retina screens are becoming standard in many devices with us, you'll be ready to support these new technologies first.

SEO Optimized

Your website will be optimized based on relevant keywords that would make it search friendly.

Beautiful Fonts & Icons

Arround 500 beautiful icons and more than 1000 fonts to give your pages a classy look.

Amazing Graphics

Use of various CSS code and 3d effects to make boaring Images graphically attractive.

Attractive Sliders

A wide range of transition and different slider sizes to suit your page style for a better impression.

Major Browser Support

Support for all major and updated browsers to make your application trendy and secure.

Get Ready to Get Amazed !!! Because Such Amazing Website Could be yours. Stop Staring !!! Contact Us and we will be glad to serve you.