Application Support and Maintenance are critical for business continuity. Amazing Software Company specializes in providing support and maintenance services for web applications. Our service model is designed to ensure availability of systems for use, reduce maintenance & support efforts and improve scalability by improving productivity over time.
Amazing Software Company believes that professional maintenance and supports useful improvements and optimizations. Having the right support for the applications can ensure that issues are resolved in a timely and efficient manner with minimum downtime.
Supporting and maintaining critical core systems.
Error tracking and debugging.
Technical troubleshooting.
Application upgrades and enhancements.
Web content updates.
Application Performance Tuning.
Your site's running like a well oiled machine, but who's doing the oiling? Take advantage of our maintenance plans and let us help you effectively manage the growth of your site as the customers come clicking inside.
Refine functionality, add new features, optimize your site to cater to your visitors. With our maintenance plan, you'll have our resources at your disposal to head off potential problems, fix existing issues, even update security features as new threats arise. So don't run off right after we finish your site. Stick around, grab some coffee and watch us help it grow. You'll be glad that you did, and we will be too.

Return on Investment

What is a power of website and Application to run a business. Yes with us it will be that powerful returns.

Heart Winning Designs

Our creative and Heart winning designs belong to those who belive in beauty of their creative dreams.

Thorough Documenation

Our step by step process, a well organized methodology with planning and a thorough review of each phase.

Juicy & Eye Catching Colors

With our Juisy Colors Individual can pick-and-choose colours to make every new page a truly unique and attractive experience.

Lightweight Pages

Even though with lot of Graphics, Images and Code our lightweight pages will always load quickly.

Beautiful Code

Best Valid and Beautiful code that supports Latest Technologies and all Platform always Up to date.

Retina Ready

Retina screens are becoming standard in many devices with us, you'll be ready to support these new technologies first.

SEO Optimized

Your website will be optimized based on relevant keywords that would make it search friendly.

Beautiful Fonts & Icons

Arround 500 beautiful icons and more than 1000 fonts to give your pages a classy look.

Amazing Graphics

Use of various CSS code and 3d effects to make boaring Images graphically attractive.

Attractive Sliders

A wide range of transition and different slider sizes to suit your page style for a better impression.

Major Browser Support

Support for all major and updated browsers to make your application trendy and secure.

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